English Saddles

Connection Saddle Fit offers a variety of saddles models to our clients. We know that having equipment that fits both you and your horse is vital to performance and comfort.

These saddles are made in England with the highest of care by County Saddlery. All of the saddles below are wool flocked and come with laminated birch wood trees. These saddles come in a variety of sizes, leather options, colors, tree widths and can be completely customized to a riders taste and style! We encourage anyone interested in purchasing a saddle to schedule a test ride, as model preference is an individual taste. For model specifics please see a brief description below!

Dressage Saddles

“Epiphany” a monoflap next generation dressage saddle. This model has a 3/4 length thigh roll and aids in assisting the riders position so that they can focus on the the ride. This saddle helps riders find their seat bones and sit the trot more easily.

“Inspiration” a monoflap next generation dressage saddle. This model has a longer thigh role, that hugs your leg. This saddle like all other next generation saddles allow you to sit closer to the horse and feel more easily.

“Intuition” a monoflap next generation dressage saddle. This saddle offers the more traditional internal knee roll. It also offers the ability to chose the size and placement of the knee roll to aid the rider in customizing it to their preference.

“Perfection” a saddle that has been a personal favorite of some of the worlds top dressage riders. Allows riders to have a great position and offers a great feeling.

“Connection” a saddle that has a narrow twist and offers a great feel when on a horse. Enables riders to have a close contact feel.

Jump Saddles

“Xtreme” a next generation monoflap saddle. This saddle offers the best in leg stability and an extraordinary close feel. The saddle has a unique pocket that allows riders to move the knee block and find the perfect fit for them.

“Solution monoflap” is a next generation monoflap saddle. This saddle allows riders to change positions easily. It also keeps your leg secure over the most challenging obstacles. The saddles also allows horse and rider to recover their balance more quickly after a jump.

“Solution” is a dual flap saddle. This saddle is a favorite saddle for some of the world’s top riders. The Solution®, features an elongated balance point, which allows riders to find their perfect balance point over any fence.

“Sensation” is a dual flap saddle designed to provide comfort and clearance for horses with high narrow withers. This saddle is however great for many other types of horses and comes in a variety of tree sizes!

“Innovation” is a saddle that has been a favorite for a while now with both riders and instructors. This saddle helps keep the riders leg in the correct position and helps riders maintain their balance like never before.